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Single Split System

heatpumpsA single split system consists of a single exterior compressor unit connected to an interior indoor unit. That can be a Floor, Hi Wall or Cassette heat pump system. These are the most common heat pumps in New Zealand.

Our experienced team will work with you to make sure that the indoor and outdoor units are located in the best possible location to suit your individual requirements.

Multi Split System

A Multi System heat pump outdoor compressor can connect to more than one indoor unit; often one indoor unit is located in the living area and another in the hall or bedroom areas of the house. Each indoor unit has its own remote control so you can set different levels of heating for each unit/area.

The outside compressor can connect to hiwalls/floor mounted or a cassette indoor unit.

We will discuss your individual requirements and work closely with you in determining the best possible location.

Again, all part of our friendly service.

Ducted System

A Ducted System has a large indoor unit hidden in the ceiling space or under the floor and warm (or cool) air is pumped through insulated ducts to the ceiling or floor vents throughout the entire house.

At Wave we can design a ducted system that suits all your needs and make sure the correct system is selected, and correct levels of air flow per room is achieved.

Again, all part of our friendly service. Specialising in Daikin & Panasonic Heat Pumps.

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