Commercial Refrigeration

COOL Rooms & Freezer Room

At Wave Refrigeration we design, manufacture/fabricate, install, maintain and service cool rooms and freezer rooms used for both Domestic and Commercial Purposes.

It is vital for the cool room or freezer room to be compatible to the environment in which it is to operate. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ approach to refrigeration. Consequently, we can custom design the cool room or freezer to your exact specifications. We engage qualified Cool Room and Refrigeration Technicians who have been in the industry for the past 15 years. Even if you are not sure about which requirement will be best suited to your needs, worry not! Our team is expert at analyzing the correct specifications and solutions for all your refrigeration needs

Our Product

Our Design Built and Customised Refrigeration Products Includes:

  • Multiple cool rooms & freezer rooms designed for large scale food handling in supermarkets and commercial kitchens
  • Walk in Coolroom and Freezers
  • Multi Deck Deli Cabinets for Supermarkets
  • Drink Glass Display Chillers with Racks
  • Cool Rooms and Freezer Rooms for Domestic Need

Building Cool Rooms & Freezers

Construction of cool rooms and freezer rooms requires precision and technical skill. If not built and installed professionally, the cool room will not perform at its optimum level thereby defeating the purpose of having it in the first place. All our cool rooms and freezer rooms are built from the best quality material, locally available, to suit New Zealand’s Climate

We can design and build different types of cool rooms and freezer rooms. From multiple cool rooms built to industrial scales, to smaller freezers for storage of ice – we can do it all!

At Wave Refrigeration, we take special care to build a cool room or freezer room that focuses on your requirements – from size to utility to space. If you are not sure of the best suited specifications, our friendly technicians can advise you based on their many years of experience.